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In these crazy days, one thing is sure, the gator going by ain't gonna give you COVID19, and you're not going to give it to the blue Heron!

So the time is right to get into your boat, boots or bike and get out into the open! Besides, it's good to stretch and exercise your lungs to get them strong for the potential fight ahead!

Let's enjoy the outdoors, alone or in small groups preferably, before it gets hot. If nothing else, it can help with the sanity and the stircraziness that comes from shutting down our usual routines. 

Get out and let the rest of us know what you did!

For me the idea for this post came during a 10 mile predawn bike ride where i didn't come in contact with a single potential contaminating source! 

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The Grey Ghost at Fowey Rocks, September 2020.

Another brutally hot return ride .. good thing fall is almost here!

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