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Paddling Florida Bay – “Chickees and Keys in Florida Bay” published in Sea Kayaker magazine’s final issue!

An honor and a personal dream realized – and also an end of an era for sea paddlers comes with the final issue of Sea Kayaker magazine Feb/March 2014.


FEATURED“Chickees and Keys in Florida Bay” by Flex Maslan (aka “kayakfari“)


After an incredible 30 year run and service to sea paddlers around the world, Sea Kayaker magazine publishes their final issue for Feb/March 2014 with a reproduction of the fun cover art of their very first issue – two ends of time, neatly tied!
As the sport’s  premier publication, Sea Kayaker has been at the forefront literally since the beginning of the sport, influencing  thousands of paddlers over nearly 30 years! It has always fired up my imagination with excellent travel articles to locations near and far. Each issue also always brought a healthy dose of reality in the “Safety” section. Sea Kayaker has had huge impact on the sport of sea kayaking with emphasis on education, training and safety with the publication of many books, such as the excellent “Deep Trouble” series! The list goes on .. and includes boat design & outfitting, providing a feedback loop to manufacturers from real world SK testing!

It has been an honor to work with editor Christopher Cunningham and staff to have my story featured – “Chickees and Keys in Florida Bay” published.

Thank you Sea Kayaker! For all you’ve done for the sport!


Get your copy today, this one is sure to become a classic!


Final issue of Sea Kayaker:  http://seakayaker.us/current-issue/

To purchase this issue or other back issues:  http://seakayaker.us/



RIP Sea Kayaker – you will be missed!

Now go out and paddle on the 'Bay !



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Congratulations - you are a talent!  The paper magazine is disappearing.  On to a new era.

Congratulations Flex!  Can't wait to read the article and see your photos.

What a shame it is the final issue that was one of the best kayaking magazines on the market.


What an honor for them, to have you on their way out!

Congratulations! That is SOOOOOOOO cool!!!!!

Top billing too!

yakmaster said:


What an honor for them, to have you on their way out!

Congratulations! That is SOOOOOOOO cool!!!!!

Just finished reading the article. It is packed with information that gives the reader a feel of the bay and the paddling experience. Also gives some nice historical info giving the article another dimension. You know there are dozens of kayakers planning a trip to florida Bay after reading the article. Very compelling and of course the photos alone are a big draw.

Congratulations Flex, you nailed it!

Thanks all! I still haven't received my copy, dying to see it myself! ;)

Got it!

Lost in the electronic post office, but they sent me a new one.


You done ENP proud!

I couldn't wait so I ended up going to Barnes & Noble to purchase my copy .. then I got it in the mail the next day, lol.

Thanks Charlie, I'm really impressed with their layout!!

The Alaskan expedition and my Florida Bay article give this final issue that feng shui north-south, hot-cold paddling diaspora!


Hot off the internets .. the extended online mix of 

Chickees and Keys in Florida Bay – Kayaking, Camping and Nice Dreams!


Now I have to get out there myself!  ;)

The photos and coverage of all the unique aspects of the bay from, fish,flats, birds, stars, storms, sun and sea are fabulous!!

Thank you Bill!

More eye candy for ya'll - I also just added two new art sections: 

ART of the Bay – Florida Bay Landscapes


SURREAL DIGITAL ART from the Everglades by Flex Maslan:

Continuing on this theme:

I'm gonna have several really big panoramas showing this Friday June 20th at Moksha Family Arts Collective. It's in North Miami, so stop on by from 8 - 10pm if you're in town!



(click pic)


P.S. They have the monthly Moksha Roots Live party right afterwards .. if you like Pina Colada & Reggae music!


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