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Has anyone ever done this? I am thinking about giving it a shot on Friday. There is a boat ramp on Miller and 117th ave. It looks on Google like I can follow that canal to Tamiami Trail and then follow that all the way out until it turns into the Miami River and eventually into the bay. 

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Thread resurrection: It's 2016 .. anybody still thinking about this trip? ?

It might even make sense to combine Harney's revenge run with Chekika's raid down the slough and across the 'Bay to Indian Key. It all falls in line! :)

Here are some (previews) of a trip to Chekika's Island hideaway, thought ya'll might like to see:

(click pic for more)


Flex Kayakfari.com said:

Fascinating bits of real living and history! Harney-Chekika in 2014 ?

That island looks highly campable.

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