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2014 "Invitational" Paddle <- click there for pix

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It was nice to meet Esther of the Paddle House, Amazon Bill, and Yakmaster...

Here's a lil teaser for ya'll .. a couple of aerial panoramas:

(click pic)

Enjoy and check back for the full story coming up real soon!


Adventures in the Bill Ashley Jungles:

I’ve seen the Paurotis, but where is my Lard Can?


“Roots Paddling”, yeah?


(click pic)

An invitation to paddling forgotten trails of Gladesmen, Gator hunters, Outlaws & Moonshiners in the Everglades!

Looking forward to more! :)


Thanks for the report and the pictures, I wish I could have been on that trip this year. Does anyone know if the mangroves we're still there when the gang was using the place for their operations or was it mostly sawgrass?

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