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The 2019/20 season is kicking in, the cooling has begun!

Let's get out in the backcountry & come back and talk about it. Start some new posts!

Thinking of going out in the backcountry, reach out & talk about it! Start some new posts!

Let's get this site buzzing again!  We've had some good times, made some good friends and found all kinda routes! Let's keep the fire going!!!

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I'm ready!

I tried to hang with y'all a few years back. I did a few trips, but in my wide tandem canoes that I use for flyfishing I just could not keep up.

I now own a light solo canoe that I picked up used and made some minor repairs to it. I don't think I'll feel like I'm holding up the group now.

Lets go!

I'm ready to go anywhere .. Hello Everglades.

“Grand Illusion” – Connect the Dots NOW!

You’re reading my mind, Yakster...I missed last season. Time to part the reeds, slog and bog, and sling some phytoplankton! I’m in need of a light solo canoe my self. 

The Mrs. says i have Sunday off...anyone want to go for a light paddle?

I was thinking Chapman Field if we don't want to go down to the park or maybe 9 mile now that the water's nice & high... Around 10-11 am so as to not strain the morning roll out...

Anybody in?

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