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Two brothers from Canada on an epic kayak journey.


Makes a through trip look a bit tame...

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And we think our mud is bad.

Mud northern Brazil

Campsite of last resort

If you read their trip report - so far they have spent at least one night in the kayaks.

I am still reading Freya's blog of her SA circumnavigation and have not caught up with her. Still reading blog from Chile as she makes her way north. Once done with her trip will definately read this one.

I like the white boots

Sometimes I take for granted the beautiful clear flowing water of the Everglades/Big Cypress region.  

Old timers used to wear those white rubber boots. Its about all you could get in the 60s-70s.

Lot cooler than the black ones too!

I still have a black pair. They are made for cement work and they dont leak, will last forever but they may come off your foot when stuck in mud.

Hell and I thought the wilderness waterway was a long trip! :P

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