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Date: 17 October 2008

Location: Bottle Creek is the dominate tributary of Rookery Branch. It runs from
the main junction at the northeast end of Rookery Branch up into the Shark River
Slough. This creek is the route connecting the airboat trail with Rookery Branch.
The airboat trail crosses the creek at 28' 05" N and 51' 10" W. NOAA Nautical
Chart 11432 does not show the Shark River tributaries with enough detail to use
for navigation and you should have aerial maps if traversing this area. Obviously
this is the route for Shark River Slough travelers.

Condition: A beautiful deep water creek running right out of the grass and through
the mangroves all the way down to the Rookery Branch junction. A few branches
may have to be lifted or pushed aside to pass but this creek is very much open
to hand propelled craft.

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Has anybody been up this way lately?

Planning a trip up the slough and have gotten paranoid with all the discussion of the 5th anniversary of Irma.

Got me to thinking it might be clogged up... 

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