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Hey everyone! I went cycling in Shark Valley yesterday and wildlife was extremely abundant! Saw over 50 gators and at least 15 species of birds. Water levels are still pretty high, the weather is great, and the bugs are gone. Let the adventures begin! 

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+1  yeah!!!  :)

Thing is Shark Valley & Anhinga Trail have an unfair amount of wilfdife compared to the rest of the Park .. lol

Thats for sure, You can see more wildlife in 1 mile in the valley than you can in 100 miles on the waterway. 

I am heading out to an easy land based venture at Flamingo campground this weekend. I'll be introducing a long time friend and his daughter to the area. So I will pass along the spirit of adventure that EEN site gave me in the ENP.   Temps are dropping a bit more than forecasted earlier in the week, mid 60's at night. Saturday we plan a bypass the Bear Lake Canal floatilla gang and will head into Mud Lake via Coot Bay. Hope the fishin is good.

Post trip fish'n report please Bill!  That does look like it will be quite the flotilla....

BTW - my current profile pic was shot in Mud Lake.

We hit Bear Lake trail launch at 9am and headed down the main canal to Coot bay. It was windy with major fog. Caught a sea trout on the first flat to the left. Paddled hard into the wind. As we exit the mangrove tunnelinto Mud Lake the sun came out and just as we simultaneously casted....Bam Bam Bam. Three snook on at once !!  We were hootin and hollerin. The kids and one adult caught their first snook that day. Heading back across Coot bay was tough with 1ff chop. Once into the main canal one of the kids hooked a baby tarpon right when the guide boat and tour boats went by us. Next day was West lake with lots of wind and some fighting Lady fish. Great time and memories. Three more people got hooked by the Glades!  The fish got hooked by DOA and Yozuri shrimp.  


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