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Vivian, Alex and Fred and I just got back from an 8-day trip that included Charley Creek and the new crooked creek chickee, both new experiences for me. Wrote a trip story and included a slideshow. The bird photography was over the top on this trip.


Check it out here

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Very nice!  Did you go ashore @ Gopher Key?

Amazing pictures Connie! Although I have gone out several times this camping season already nothing really compares to the long trips. Charley Creek is a really cool place it was one of the highlights of my thru trip last year.
Walt, I got out of the boat not far from the entrance to pelican bay.
Daniel thank you. 8 days are not enough, for sure.

Awesome, Im getting pretty excited!  

Great write up! We're going at the beginning of March and are planning on heading out to the Gulf through Gopher creek.

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