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Chief Chekika’s not so secret island hideaway in the Everglades!

Contemporary Everglades exploration series:

“Chekika Island”

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A nearly forgotten place,

yet an important piece of Florida history.




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Great write up, and great photos as always! Do you bring rubber boots or something to deal with walking through the swamp or do you just get wet and then let it dry off as you paddle? 

The issue with boots is how high?

As long as the boots are taller than the water, they're great. Once the water is taller than the boot, you're walking around with buckets at the end of your legs...

Quick drying shoes (or none at all) are your friend. It's easier to wet your feet & dry them than to avoid them getting wet in the first place.

^^^ what he said!

Yeah, you'd need to get into a set of waders with overalls to stay dry. Much too hot in Florida!!

I've been using neoprene booties like these for pretty much everything:

(click pic)

Your feet are the key to proper paddling posture!

I actually use a set of two. One for the paddling and wet stuff. The other pair I keep dry only for camp use.

Once they get wet and dirty you need to rinse & dry them asap, else they will stink pretty bad!

I'm a big fan of mil-spec jungle boots for serious slogging. They're high, durable, fast-draining, and have rigid soles. The mud can suck ordinary shoes right off your feet!

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