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Found the below after reading the first few pages.  Oh my!

A boater education permit program would

be established to promote shared stewardship

of marine resources, including shallow

sea bottom areas, seagrasses, and wildlife.

Operators of motorboats and nonmotorized

boats (including paddled craft) would

complete a mandatory education program to

obtain a permit to operate vessels in the park.

Program information would be tailored to the

type of craft and/or type of trip and would be

widely available at the park; on the Internet; in

gateway communities, marinas, hotels; and

from guides; etc.

A waste of resources IMO particularly where 'paddled craft' are concerned...

Some of our comments and trails ideas made it into the final document. See below. The GMP picked up on our Taylor slough, shark slough trails and platform, and shuttle ideas. Do to Flex and others on EEN we jumped at the chance to comment at the public hearings. The key item is that our ideas got into the plan and then per park responses they are best suited for the next set of implementation plan to go forward and execute the GMP. So our level of detailed ideas needs to be carried forward by our support and push.

Form Volume II page 203...CONCERN: Commenters provided an array of specific suggestions for the Final GMP that they did not find in the Draft GMP. Many suggestions centered on the Taylor Slough area and included ideas on camping facilities, canoe trails, boating trails and zoning. Commenters also supported a number of visitor facilities and transportation options in regards to Shark Valley, including more parking, integration of an alternative transportation system or trams, additional kayak/canoe put-ins, and suggestions for additional camping platforms. Another included creating a website where intellectual knowledge from current users could be gathered for future generations.

We need to figure how to have a permanent spot on the public committe they are setting up for implementation. We could rotate attendance and put a discussion thread on this EEN site. What do you think?
Volume II page 53 is the outline for the implementation of phase 1 which is out to year 2022. Note they want Big Bang for the buck, ie low cost easy to implement. Here are some bullets on pages 53 and 54 that relate to paddling.
GMP advisory committee may be we can join it as a group
Enhanced paddling access at three sites
reopen Joe and Snag Bays as backcountry --- where is this?
backcountry chickee campsites in Florida Bay and Gulf Coast (part also in phase 2)
Tamiami Trail paddling opportunity improvements
Hope this helps,

I believe Joe Bay is east of Flamingo just over from Little Madeira Bay where Taylor River lets out. If that is the case I don't see why they wouldn't open Madeira and Little Madeira Bay as well since they are west of Joe Bay. This would open Taylor River back up as an outlet of Taylor Slough.

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