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Flamingo to Cape outside and then back on the inside 11/20 - 11/22

I'm looking for a paddling and camping partner for Nov. 20,21,22. leaving from flamingo and doing a 2 night camping trip.  First night NW cape, second night South Joe.  final route will be selected based on weather forecast. This is Preferred route for now. mileage will about 20 or less miles per day at a touring pace. any takers?  Note I'll be paddling a standup board so I'll be looking to take advantage of the best wind directions.  

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That's just a powerboat route.

I don't know about a paddleboard but don't go to Cape Sable without using

Spoonbill Pass, easy, protected, no traffic and well documented on this website.

sounds like a great idea thanks

after a good bit of research, I've decided to do this cours a little differently.  I'll be paddling to Joe River Chickee Friday and then out through shark river, down to little sable creek, and then spend Saturday night at middle cape.  sunday return to flamingo via spoonbill pass.


Scott, that's a good route, I'd just like to suggest you start and end at Coot Bay Pond. That way you can avoid the boring canal paddles, have a nicer place to launch and save a few miles. Have a great trip!

I was thinking about that or maybe parking on bear Lake Road at the portage.
Totally agree with Flex. Also, there is an area that is known as the graveyard on the spoon bill pass trail where boats get really beat up. Don't know what material your SUP is made of.

I hope Jay does not get upset I posted this video of his first trail through that area trying to find spoon bill pass. It is on of my favorites and shows the graveyard

It's nice at coot bay pond I think I would worry if leaving the car at that desolate place.

Here is the actual route video from coot bay pond to east cape


First of all I want to thank the people on this forum for all of the work you have done to make this site what it is.  Thanks to your advice, I had a great adventure.

Facebook photo album

here are some excerpts from my trip log.


4 turtles in 1 spot

Exit river old dead trees. 3 sharks and 3 eagle rays

Ocean flat 7 mph breeze

Little Sable creek was awesome. Right at the start I was escorted by a dolphin. Saw 17 roseate spoonbills. Numerous herons including night, small blue, green blue, green, and tricolor. Numerous osprey and ibis. Kingfishers too numerous to count. Also a big flock of white pelicans. Exit little Sable was rough. Saw a tarpon jump clear out of the water. Stopped at one point but couldn't find a camping spot. Decided to go for middle cape.  Great spot and no bugs till the wind quit and then they were hell again.  Started a fire which helped a little. Rain forced me in the tent at 6.  4am thunderstorm 35 knot winds blew over and broke tent.


 Storm was over by 5.



Breakfast behind the board. Wind at about 20. Big waves. Gave up on East cape and went back to Ingram lake. Mostly downwind in the Gulf but all upwind through Ingram took a break at Homestead canal and saw the most humongous gator or croc. Ran into a good sized red fish. Startled me. At the plug there were many gators so decided to continue through Ingram.  19 spoonbills spotted and numerous wood storks more than 50 I'd think between Ingram and rawlerson prarie. Saw a manatee in the exit of Ingram. Down fast current to the prarie. Whirlpools and everything.  Many birds and gators. Nice downwinder through the Prarie and the rest of the day. Skipped gator Lake because wind was forecast to get stronger and shift north.  Went down the wrong path in spoonbill pass (no spoonbills) and dead ended up in a mess of mosquitoes and right on top of an aligator.  Almost knocked me off my board. Downwinder across bear Lake. Didn't realize I would have to portage but did it extremely fast due to mosquitoes.  Next time way more bug repellent.  Rest of the trip was mostly downwind. Glad to see the car.  Mad dash for packing to avoid the bugs.


Awesome lil adventure Scott, looks like you handled the challenges well. Also you're prob the first one to do the inside route to the Cape on a SuP !  :)

Very true, I have never heard of anyone else attempting that route on a SUP.  Very impressive in last weekend's weather to manage so many miles through that open area. Thanks for answering my question on your facebook page as to water levels.  Last time we went through there was about 2' in February.

i actually did it in reverse.  this gave me a tide push as well as the wind in my favor

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