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Paddling up graveyard creek from the campsite there is a small creek on the left that goes on out to the open water. I have been in both ends, but only for a short distance. Does anyone know if this is passable?

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Personally I am not sure, but I doubt it is open enough to paddle... there is not much reason to keep it clear. I would bet that trying to work through would be life threatening this time of year due to the bugs.

I do believe that the larger creek to the right is open all the way to the next river to the east that feeds back to Ponce. I recently went through that creek on a boat to photograph the mature red mangroves that have somehow managed to avoid the hurricanes.

BTW... I don't recommend camping at graveyard.

Thanks Gary. We used the route you described to get into shark river tributaries and avoid the bay. Wind was SW and the bay was rough. Hard to believe this, but graveyard creek site had hardly any mosquitos when we were there about a week ago. They had been much worse on the capes and highland beach. The waves pushed by the SW wind and a full moon tide had us packing the kayaks again though at 3:00 am. We were almost flooded out, but water stopped right at where camp was.

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