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Saw this article today. Can't be good news. 

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 I received a report that a hunter drove over an extremely large green snake in Bear Island but it escaped.  Another was killed by workers clearing the roadway. A picture also exists that shows an Anaconda. Indeed Green Anacondas have been found in the Everglades region but there is not enough evidence to conclude that they are breeding.. No this is not good news. 

I am either bringing a bigger gun or bigger knife :-(

Vivian. This is why I bring an ax. Mostly it just looks cool (like my sponge) and I say its for pounding down nails that stick up on the floors of chickees. The truth is I'm terrified of these snakes. I also assume that a snake or a  gator would look at two people in a 17' canoe and assume we are one big animal. Though that doesn't work with polar bears or tigers in India. In India they wear face masks on the back of their heads though I have heard of a tiger taking someone out of a canoe without even rocking the boat.

   My suggestion is never watch a video of how fast these snakes are. My other suggestion is bring Allison, she's much smaller and therefore looks like an easier target for the snake. I on the other hand am in touch with the universe (constantly expanding) and am working towards being  just plain too big for a snake  to swallow

vivian said:

I am either bringing a bigger gun or bigger knife :-(

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