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Was out in the Glades this past weekend for 3 nights and 3 days.  Got to try out the rebuilt Sweetwater Chickee.  Same layout but all new wood and roof.  Below is a link to my trip report.


Since Flex was with us, I would assume his trips summary will be better.

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That flatbread pizza looks tasty. Tell us about the oven set up and recipe.
I love reading the summer trip reports! I was on Chokoloskee bay Friday evening and saw 3 kayaks passing to the right of me. I wondered if they were going for a sunset paddle or night loop trip. Guess it was you and your group?

Ted, get yourself some 12" long stakes for the beach sites. Easton makes some very good stakes but in a pinch I have had to pick up those heavy steel ones as it is hard to find the Easton stakes @ 12" long. I Last place that I found them at was cookes custom sewing


As we found out the standard stakes just don't cut it.  Before your recommendation I was looking at one of the two below options.  I was leaning towards Tough Stake for the Trap and Cyclone for the tent.




The tough stakes look great but way too pricey when the eastons have been proven on our trips using the cookes tundra tarps. The MSR stakes I have a few and they really have to be at minimum 12". I have also used the plastic 12" stakes and they have held up for one season. Bulky but in a pinch they and the steel ones work.

RE: staking a sand site

Instead of using stakes, bring along some 1-2 liter ditty bags. Fill the bag with sand, tie off your tarp/tent, then bury the whole bag in the sand. Works great, inexpensive, and takes little space/weight.

The deadman anchor is superior to any stake in a storm but it is very time consuming. Having the long stakes for typical situations when the winds kick up below 25 knots works fine. However, it also depends on how you pitch the tarp. Tarpology is a fascinating and frustrating way to spend hours trying to rig your tarp in different configurations to better serve you depending on wind/water direction.

I always use deadman anchors to guy out my tent when a storm is expected to come through. BTW I have even used plastic grocery bags when I have forgotten to bring the ditty bags, works well and so does burying the line with a piece of driftwood attached.

The stakes on my tent actually held fine (about 6"), but that was a really strong & fast gust that sent Ted's tent flying..

I'm gonna make a new set of 10 or 12 stakes @ 12" long just for this purpose out of some aluminum rod. Should be an easy job.

In the meantime enjoy these animated previews of the trip:


my tummy is flip flopping

Well the liquor still site deserved it's own special treatment..

Shine on you crazy Outlaws!

(click pic)


(Enter at own Risk)

Really nice write-up, thanks Flex!

Great shots! You know I was thinking it would be cool to have all those old still shots for bar decor. Have you been able to find any other stills other than this one? I saw one featured in a fishing show supposedly somewhere near flamingo.

Thank Vivian! That would be a lot of fun to document. Do you have a link to the one you saw?

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