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Was out in the Glades this past weekend for 3 nights and 3 days.  Got to try out the rebuilt Sweetwater Chickee.  Same layout but all new wood and roof.  Below is a link to my trip report.


Since Flex was with us, I would assume his trips summary will be better.

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The Circle of Life in the Everglades:


Great report. Love the Bemco. I used it on a five day trip last season and it was so nice having pizza as well as fresh cornbread to go with the chili. It is easier than one would think once you do a couple practice runs.

Does it work with an alcohol stove? I use a trangia burner.

I use Trangia stoves for just about all my trips

  • Mini – if I want to go light and just boil water

  • 27-6 UL – When I’m in the mood to do more fancy cooking

When I first purchased the Bemco backpacker oven it was my intent to use an alcohol stove with it.  I tried many different interactions of the MiniBull Design Alcohol stoves, as well as the Trangia stove.  The issue is trying to keep a constant temperature, it was just too much work.  In the end I landed up using a MSR  DragonFly

Below is a link to a video of me using an alcohol stove with the oven.


Unfortunately Packit Gourmet no longer makes the pizza kit.  I now use Pillsbury Pizza Crust if I’m lazy or get pizza dough from my local pizza place.  They get a kick that I’m using it to make pizzas in my little oven.  I use Boboli pizza sauce as I found it tastes the best and is just the right packet size.   

Had a friend make me up four custom aluminum pizza pans; two can be cooking and two ready to go.  Set the stove temperature for 350°F, first cook the dough for five minutes.  Note the bottom rack is hotter than the top rack so I swap pizza location halfway through cooking times.  Once the dough has cooked for five minutes the sauce and toppings go on next.  I cook the pizzas for about 15 to 20 minutes (time will vary depending how many topping you have), take care not to leave the pizza on the bottom rack too long as it will burn the crust.  The fun part with a group is having each person make their own pizza.

I agree with doing practice runs before you try it out in the field.  I use baking gloves as it is easier to move the pans around quickly.

Used the oven to cook many different things and is ideal for group cooking.

Wow, excellent video!  I want to go camping with you sometime, you seem to know how to cook :-) 

Happy Halloween from Glades Hell!

A Dark Sabbath in the Everglades - the legend of “Kaya Kay” and the Great White Alligator:

(click pic)


May your Halloween paddling be filled with fright and darkness! ;)

Too funny! What I kept thinking of was, you setting up this shoot with all those skeletons and a passerby wondering what the heck you were up to, LOL!

Just in time for the summer!

Heaven or Hell: Summer paddling and camping in the Ten Thousand Islands

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