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I have been reading this site for a long time.  Thanks Keith for creating it!  I live in Michigan but have been coming down to Florida at least once a year my entire life.  Every year at xmas I spend a couple weeks visiting my dad and exploring the Everglades (kayaking & hiking).  Before she died, my mom gave me the name Swamp Witch after I told her my story of hiking through from Gator Hook to Roberts Camp (lunch stop) and back (in one day).  I try different routes through the middle overgrown section.  One year I tried going south on my way back.  Big mistake.  It was like Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin in the Old Forest.  I wanted to go north/northeast and the swamp was sending me south/southwest.  The water was too deep to cross (I won’t go in deeper than mid thigh).  Eventually I decided that I had to go north no matter what and ended up crawling through some thick growth before finally reaching water I could wade through.


I was completely filthy, scratched & bloody, and covered in cypress needles, my hair was full of them.  On normal days my hair is a grey, scraggly, frizzy mess so I already half look like a witch (don’t need a wig at Halloween).  Now it was full of cypress needles and standing out every which way.  Tying it in a ponytail didn’t help much.  Anyway, it was getting late and I had to hurry to get back to the trail head before sunset (to call my mom) so I didn’t bother cleaning up.  I just ran.  As I got back to the trailhead, some sunset/bird photographers were there and I think I scared them.  No one would look at me or talk to me and they left pretty quick giving me a wide berth.  My mom said they must have thought I was a swamp witch.  I decided to use that as my moniker.


Love this site for all the stories and advice.  It is wonderful to have a group of people who understand how much fun it is to be out in the Glades crawling through swamps and making 2 mph against a wicked headwind with waves crashing over the bow while kayaking to the next camp.  Everyone else just thinks I’m crazy.

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Hello Swamp Witch. I posted a story about someone that decided south from Gator Hook was the easiest way out. Did you read it? Welcome to the forum. Where is Roberts Camp?

Welcome EEN Swamp Witch!

As we say down here in the Glades : Bienvenidos!  ;)

Hi Dale!  South would have been much easier but my car was west and so west I had to go.  Roberts Camp is a backcountry camp site on the Florida Trail in Robert's Lake Strand between Loop Road and the Oasis Visitor Center.

No you made the correct choice.   These people chose to go south away from their car.  http://flcenterlitarts.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/lost-in-the-evergla...

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