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My name is Randy. I am an avid kayaker living in the lower Keys. Last year I started exploring some in the Everglades and have found this site very interesting. In the future I hope to meet fellow members and share experiences. My last trip was Memorial Day and I have anxiously waited till October to get started again. Tomorrow we are leaving from Flamingo to do a loop through Whitewater Bay and back along the capes. Thanks again for the addition to the group.

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Remember to take pix... are the birds returning?  Its still warm up here in the North

Hey Randy - any chance of a trip report and/or pics? Would be appreciated!


Sure. let me see if I can figure out how. I guess I should post under Exploring the Everglades forum.

hi Randy, I'm new here too.  I live in the keys but upper keys.  next time you head to the Everglades let me know.  I'm doing a trip next weekend Friday 11/20 through Sunday.   also I'm planning a longer trip around Jan 6 for 6 to 8 days.  Let me know if you're interested in either of those dates.  

Sounds good Scott. I'll let you know. Your upcoming trip out of flamingo?

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