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The NPS has created a website providing status of various parks that were affected by Irma


Below are photos that speak for themselves as it may be a while before the north and south entrances to ENP are open to the public.


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Thanks Gary! I forgot to post that story,so here it is:

(click pic)


You're absolutely right about the leaves, it is Poisonwood, my bad! In my haste to finish publishing I overlooked that in the scheme of the story. Looking back at pics of the whole plant it's pretty clear. Thank you for the correction!!

Gary M said:


Great photos as usual. Thanks!

I really liked your trip around SweetBay Pond. I had the same idea when I saw the levels. I have always wanted to hike out into that western pine land east of Mahogany Hammock road. I wish I had time to float it when the water was up.

But you do know that the tree leaves in your one photo are not SweetBay right? I sure hope so... it looks more like poison wood leaves to me?


Looks like most backcountry camping is open.

Traveled to EC with the intent on going out to Pavilion for a couple of days.  Here are a couple of notes.

1. Gulf Coast Ranger Station - Gate was open. Safety fencing blocks public access to all of the building facilities. 

2. The boat launch looked open although there were no cars parked in the grassy lot or the parking lot.  The Kayak/Canoe Ramp sign was moved almost inviting people to use the launch area.  It was not blocked in any way.  The boat shack, boat  rack and all of the boats are gone.  NOTE:  When I drove by last night, there were a couple of cars pulling out with boats on the roof - so I would say the ramp is open.

3. I launched from Outdoor Resorts.  No issue with the ramp.

4. I think I broke the code "Partially Open Backcountry Site"  - At least on the beach sites - Rabbit Key and Pavilion - the Porto-lets are gone. 

5. Overall Pavilion and Rabbit are in pretty good shape. Some debris (natural and not natural) high on the beach.

6. The sand bridge between Rabbit and Lumber is still there and you can still cut the corner at mid-tide and above.


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