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I am thinking of a canoe trip this winter, in the area north east of Lane Bay area. I have camped at North River Chickee once and paddled from there to Hells Bay Chickee where we intended to camp but a strong cold wind changed our minds and we continued on to Flamingo.So I would like to explore the area from Lane Bay/Pearl Bay/Roberts River north east towards Mahogany hammock. Has anyone been that way lately and is it worthwhile doing ? Thanks   Dave

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Hi Dave,

I did Mahogany Hammock to Robert's River Chickee last fall and it was a nice trip. The area you are interested in exploring is worth it IMO. The fishing is great and almost everything connects at some point so getting lost/stranded isn't that big of a concern if you are careful.

I beg to differ with your statement that "getting lost/stranded isn't that big of a concern".

Actually getting lost here is a MAJOR concern, and VERY easy, it's also half the fun. As John Buckley says, we like to get lost early in the morning so we have all day to find our way out! 

It is a delicious place to poke around there seems to be about a dozen ways to get from any point a to point b. and once you found one way and get good at it, you start looking for other alternative routes.

And if you talk with Terry, they all have names!

I like to base camp out of Roberts and you can go in about a dozen different directions and create loops, in all kinds of variation.

Last year's invitational was east of the road, maybe we're due for a return to the west side. Or maybe we go further west!

Actually what I said was 'getting lost/stranded isn't a big concern if you are careful'. That basically means it's not like Fakahatchee River where one wrong turn and you have to backtrack.

Thanks all, sounds like a cool place to explore with a canoe. I think I will do it with Google earth printouts and 2 x GPS just in case.

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