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Hi all,

I am planning a loop paddling trip next spring. Weather permitting, I plan to start at Flamingo and sea kayak up the coast to the EC ranger station (I have done this part of the trip before), then I'd like to paddle back to Flamingo via the "inside" route. Is it very difficult to travel inside in a sea kayak? Am I better off to try and stash a canoe in EC and trade vessels? If so, any thoughts on where I could leave my boat and a few pieces of gear? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jamie you will be fine in a sea kayak on the inside route. If you want to do something like the Wood River a craft 15' or less is handy. Otherwise the length does not matter.

But do pay attention to the tide tables and factor in a delay as the tidal points are usually on the Gulf shore. Its a nightmare to get stuck in the Nightmare in a sea kayak

I have done it both in a touring kayak and a solo canoe. You will be fine, just permit ground sites preferable over chickees as they are easier to load/unload in a kayak vs canoe in the backcountry. You will be happy in the touring kayak when winds come up which is guaranteed.

Paddle the inside - off "The Route" - much more fun!  And I agree with my friend - when the wind come up - the lower profile the better.

"You can fight the wind or you can fight the tide - but you will lose if you try to fight both"

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