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just wondering if a machete is a useful or necessary piece of gear on everglades overnighters.  I assume cutting living trees or plants is a no-no, but would it be good to have in the narrow creeks and streams to clear obstructions, etc... i saw one post where the poster carried one...dont really want to carry one if generally not needed...we will take a coupla small saws with us...

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Leave the saws behind. The official answer is NO.


The last page..do not cut mangroves. There are park volunteers in the backcountry who do maintain the passages.

You will be asked to sign your permit after the ranger reads you the rules and that is one of the rules.  If there is an obstruction either get out and clamber or wait for  the tide to change.

thanks, 10-4

I remember before my first trip I was wondering too if I would have to fight mangroves.  And the imagination got way out of hand..

You will be surprised when you go out. There is a LOT more big water than you might have thought of. And the mangroves while interesting when they form tunnels are really fun.

What's the Parks rules for trimming snakes that have overgrown and become an obstruction?


You must be referring to Pythons because all other snakes are protected.  Im not sure and this is a good question.  


I think you have to capture them live in the ENP and Im not even sure this is legal. If someone knows the rules I hope they will post. 


You may trim them in other areas.  http://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/nonnatives/reptiles/burmese-pytho...


This information is for Everglades WMA not ENP. http://myfwc.com/license/wildlife/nonnative-species/python-permit-p...

"What's the Parks rules for trimming snakes that have overgrown and become an obstruction?"


This question was of a rhetorical nature, and was meant to imply that a "machete" might serve a an impliment of self defense.

Sorry, It was not my intention to derail this thread into another Python rant.

 Sorry, I thought you were asking if you could kill them and I tried to answer as honestly and as informative as possible.  I dont see how a machete would be of any help in self defense from a snake. 

A machete would be good for chopping firewood but only where fires are permitted..

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