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Mid June 2014 Paddle from Chokoloskee to Crooked Creek Chickee for Exploration up into New River

I am interested in putting together an investigative paddle mid-June based out of the Crooked Creek Chickee at the lower end of Sunday Bay to explore up into New River and to explore a few of the clearings/reported mounds on the south banks of New River.

Its probably about 5 miles from Chokoloskee to Crooked Creek (2-3 hours paddling).

I'm not sure how many can sleep on the chickee.

The idea is to leave early in the week (I'm a school teacher starting summer break), set up camp on the chickee the 1st day, then do an exploratory paddle up New River to beyond the park boundary into the preserve to identify the possibility of a dry and bug free (yeah, right!) campsite just inside the preserve.  

If found, possibly move the gear to this campsite.  If not, either way, begin the investigation of the mounds/clearings of interest that may be associated with Ft Harrell.

Let me know if you are interested.

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This sounds interesting, you think there's enough water to get far into the interior?

This site http://nwis.waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?site_no=02290940 shows the gauge has been deactivated on the New River as of Dec 2013.  However, looking at previous years' data, it seems that at least 1/2 mile up New River from the mouth on Sunday Bay there should be 3' of water most of the year round.

The New River alternates between river and lakes.  The river/creek portions in the south should be open with water enough.  I know a month or two ago when we crossed it North, it was a deep creek/river that we waded.

I was concerned about undergrowth, but I spoke to Kenny at the Boat Ramp/Marina on Chokoloskee and he says the locals still run up the river for snook.

May be interested depending on the date.  I need to get a couple of more weeks of cure on my varnish - but this interests me.

I'm flexible.  My school year ends this Friday.  I'd be ready starting the 16th of June.

I intend on bringing my 16' Old Town,  I have room for a passenger in the front of the canoe and will probably try sailing the canoe to the chickee.  I may pull my small kayak behind the canoe.

If no one else accompanies, then I will leave on the 16th for Chokoloskee and stay at Crooked Creek Chickee and venture out from there.

Shawn, I see that you've been hiking down from the other end, that's why I asked about the water. Good to know.

Don't know about the 16th just yet.. but I am interested in exploratory trips like this.

Shawn - a 17th departure should work for me.  Crooked Creek is a double.    There will be no air movement - It is going to be carnage - but what the hell.

I havent been to sunday bay since the old chickee there, but pix online show corner beams...hammocks maybe?

If there are just a couple of us, that is what I would bring.  Here is a picture of Crooked Creek set up with my Hammock.Considering the time of the year, if we venture out for a night, the hammock might be the way to go.

Crooked creek has the worst no see ums I have ever been subject to. Spray your hammock entrance and clothing with permethrin before your trip.
Nothing left of Sunday bay chickee, don't count on it's use.

shawn beightol said:
I havent been to sunday bay since the old chickee there, but pix online show corner beams...hammocks maybe?

Shawn - found a conflict on my schedule that I cannot move on the 18-21 so it won't work for me that week.

Count me in! 

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