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Kayaking to Dry Rocks Reef on

a Sunday Pilgrimage to find the “Christ of the Abyss”

off Key Largo!

“Jesus is here!”

(click pic)

“I gave the people kayaks. People love kayaks!”



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Did you just do this trip?

I am thinking next year I might book a couple of nights at John Pennekamp and do this and Alligator Reef. Would you say this is the best time of year to get out there ?


Hi Dave, yes about a month ago in May.

Best time for this kind of trip is just before summer or also maybe a little after the end of the stormy season.

Early mornings can work too in the summer, but it'd be good to be off the water by noon to avoid the daily PM storms.

FYI, the water was still a bit chilly over the reef!

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