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I plan on biking to a campsite which I'm trying to identify before April this year.  It's southwest of Gum Slough.  I'll be biking from around Lucky's to Pace's Dike and from there to the campsite.

I'll be carrying everything I need (hopefully) on the bicycle including water.  To help calculate the amount of water I'll be carrying I need to know if it's possible to find water easily during this time of year at this location (my previous post is about trying to identify this campsite and get some info on it).



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Hello Chris,

I've been thru that particular area fairly extensively over the years (hiking & orv) tho not at all this year so your mileage may vary. 

RE: potable water

It depends. I've been through there as late as early June and it was beyond bone dry. Even the gator holes on gum slough were just wet mud.  Then again I've seen Pace's Dike road look like canal.  Based on all the recent rains and the water/flow stations data, there is (currently) plenty of water from Loop all the way south. How far into April that will last is questionable.  

Your most reliable bet for water is gum slough which is 2 miles north of campsite C-16. There USED TO BE a cypress dome 100 yards "behind" C-16 (280 degrees on the compass). If water levels are still up then that might be a much closer alternative. Obviously boil and/or filter everything.


- check USGS and South Florida Water Mngt water station data...

     - SFWMD rainfall data page

     - SFWMD water gauge location map

     - SFWMD BCA10 gauge (closest water gauge to Pace's Dike)

     - USGS water watch page for FL

- review the www.GoHydrology.org website. Great resource!

- make an advance trip down Pace's Dike. Note sure if you have an orv permit but there's a fantastic gated parking area at the head of the road.

Please make sure to post a trip report!


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