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Good morning. Starting to do some pre-trip planning. Are there any good options for shuttles that don't cost an arm and a leg? I read a newspaper article about car rentals from Everglades City Aero Park, but have not been able to confirm. Our other option might be to pay for a shuttle up to the hostel in Florida City and rent a car from there. Couldn't find the shuttle info on their new website. Thanks. JRC

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I got in contact with the airport manager. If you get Enterprise to drop a car off at E.C. Aeropark, they charge $100 for a drop fee.

Other info:


Hostel to any trail head in the Flamingo Ranger District.

$100 to $250 – 1 canoe only or people only (4 people max).

$500 to $700 – 2 to 10 canoes and 3 to 12 people.

Shuttles for the 11 day Wilderness Waterway from Flamingo to Everglades City or Vice Versa.
$350 to $700. From 1 person all the way to 10 canoes rented from the hostel or your own water craft(canoes or kayaks).


$420 for the cheapest option up to about $600.


Drop or Pick Up Passengers & Gear

For 2 Kayaks & 2 people $500 $25.00/Additional Craft                                               

 Shuttle car to or from flamingo does not include Kayak Transport $380 Either way

$500 $25.00/Additional Craft

Sorry we weren't more helpful. As for me I have only done loop trips and have had a personal vehicle.

No problems. We have done loops at both ends. With limited time and resources, trying to plan a through trip. Our last one didn't work out. Thanks. JRC

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