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I spent a few hours here and there putting these "snap shots" together. The real-time data was captured from EDEN and historical data was downloaded from DBHydro. I was mainly interested in a more visual way to see how much water is on the Shark Slough and Taylor Slough routes. I also wanted more context for current conditions. We are just about at the end of the wet season and peak of water levels so I figured these were worth sharing since there may be some folks planning slough trips soon.

Shark Slough

The route is almost 1.5 ft deeper at NP-202 and about 1.0 ft deeper at NP-203 and NP-P36 now than it was last year, which I am guessing is good for the Park. Current water levels are also significantly higher than recorded medians for these three stations, nearly 2.0 ft or more all the way to Bottle Creek.

Taylor Slough

The route has a lot more water at the top end (almost 1.0 ft), which will become more of the norm since the South Florida Water Management District will be making modifications to increase flows.

Current water depths for the whole route are also 2.0 ft or more, which is great for paddling.





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All slough stations are well above what's needed AND full moon is Saturday - Sunday,

15 - 16 October.   That weekend screams for a slough trip.  

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