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Solar Water Distiller Enables Desalination Anywhere There's Sunlight and Saltwater

Anyone familiar with this?  Came across it today, although it has been around since 2011. Described as an "open source project" yet I don't find any construction plans or information readily available, so maybe I do not know what an open source project really is.  

I could not find any for sale on Amazon or eBay either.  Any ideas why?

Eliodomestico, an eco-distiller running on solar power

Assembly Instructions for the Eliodomestico

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Well, I see I put this is the New Member Introductions....not on purpose of course but a fitting rookie mistake.  Admin, you may want to move to General Discussions?  

I'm not familiar with this one in particular but the other desalinate products main disadvantage is the amount of water you can get  per hour, hence that most are use as backup in case of emergency.

Looks like you might need 2-3, per person, if that is your only source of fresh water. It would also be very heavy for portable use. Looks like he is on the right track.

   This looks like something I remember reading about in the 60's.  I think it was maybe survival training for the military in WWII. If I remember one  takes a big pot of salt water and puts a small pot in the center. Then you put a black tarp over the big pot with a rock in the center  to create a upside down cone. The sun evaporates the salt water, it condenses on the underside of the tarp, rolls down to the bottom of the cone, and collects in the small pot.

   I think you could even do this on the back side of dunes where the water table is near the surface. Dig a hole to the water table and put the pot in there with the tarp over it.

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