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I was looking at the new to me mapbook for ENP at


If you look at tile 2, it suggests there is a hiking trail that starts at Mrazek Pond and travels east to just below the SW corner of West Lake. The area is labeled as "St. Mary's Cathedral".

I've never heard of that before, and a Google search turned up nothing of use.

Does anyone have any information about the trail or SMC?

Looking at Google Earth the trail looks more likely to have been a creek at one time?

Just curious...


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Interesting, I remember trying to find info on the Crocodile Point trail that also goes to Alligator Creek and on the old Topo Maps. I would imagine it is all overgrown and mostly impenetrable I wonder if they are the same?. But hopefully others will have more info for you.

That crease does look interesting and looks like it could hold some water early in the season. Could be interesting to launch at the pond & try to go out the back of it & see where it goes... 

I think the St. Mary's Cathedral is a GE hiccup that was carried over to the park map. There are several malls and schools that appear (or appeared) in Google Earth out in the middle of nowhere. The real SMC is over in Little Haiti a couple of blocks from I95...just a little NE of where posted.

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