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I'm wondering if anyone has an idea what Carl Ross Key and Sandy Key look like after Irma. I heard that Cape Sable beaches added sand. I'm hoping the same is true for these gems. I'm attaching a picture from CRK at low tide prior to Wilma & Katrina. Fingers crossed that the islands survived and gained sand. Also, my best wishes for everyone who went through Irma. I hope you're safe and recovering well.

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I did a drive by right after they reopened Flamingo in mid-October.

From a distance it still has the same profile, but as you get closer you start noticing the missing vegetation. Some keys got hit worse than others, but all lost some foliage. Sandy Key looked less impacted.

The bad news first: The north and south ends have been altered through erosion, not unexpected. Pretty much all leaves were gone, so it has a very brown look. However new shoots were already showing. There is less sand than before and you can see that at high tide it is partially flooded. It looks more like the Oyster Keys now .. (they also took a hit). The middle island looks to be a clump of mangroves now.

The good news: Lots of White Pelicans hanging out and other birds. At least one Osprey is still there. The small sharks were coming right up to the shoreline.

Bottom line: It's still there, albeit not quite like before. I'll put up a story soon!

Here's a sneak peak:

Carl Ross Key, mid-October 2017 near high tide.

Thank you Flex. I appreciate the update very much!
I had hoped that it had gotten more sand like I heard had happened at Cape Sable, but alas it's still standing. So glad I got to spend magical days camped there years ago. Those black mangroves are tough!
CRK in the 90's

Very cool, I remember camping there late 90's and mid 2000's. It's a neat place!

Sandy Key will be around a long time, but CRK will probably get smaller and smaller with each passing storm event.

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