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A NPS invasive eradication crew completed the annual Brazilian pepper treatment in

the Chute of Still Creek on 13 February 2014.  Still Creek is in good condition.

The Crossover in the neck of Noble Hammock Loop is also in good condition.

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 Saturday 1 March

 A mild off-the-brochure paddle but this one

 has a whole lot of oh-wow you-can-do-that?!?!

 Here's the team as of 23 February:

 Dallas, Frank, Leah, Terry, Mark, Jim, Chris

Are you going to do the trip?  I'd be interested.  Could you post a map of the full route intended?

Great to meet other insane people.  

Saturday 1 March, 07:00

Nine Mile Pond

You're on the list, only yourself?  What type of boat?  Kayak or canoe?


Bodjo Pass across Big Burn down to Still Creek and out to West Lake for lunch.

Back up Still Creek taking the high numbered side of Noble Hammock Trail to the

Crossover in the neck and out at the Noble Hammock Landing.   Maps are earned

by successful completion.

I'm in. Myself + 1 more. Canoe 15'5. See you there.

 Saturday 1 March, 07:00

 Meet at Nine Mile Pond

 Nine Mile Pond  - West Lake - Still Creek

 Shawn, Dallas, Frank, Terry, Mark, Flex, Chris

 see you there.

 I'm coming alone, unless I can talk a fellow teacher into joining.

I'm bringing my sit on top hobie kayak.

Depending on when we finish (estimate?) probably gonna check ingraham highway out bikewise.

Gate open for biz early enough for 7 am rendezvous?


 The park has only closed under Obama, Clinton and hurricanes,

 if there's no one manning the front gate you get in for free.

 Taking advantage of daylight is standard operating procedure.

 Count on a half hour to drive from the front gate to Nine Mile Pond.

 Saturday 1 March, 07:00

 Meet at Nine Mile Pond

 Nine Mile Pond - West Lake - Still Creek

 Shawn, Dallas, Frank, Leah, Terry, Kathy, Mark, Flex, Chris

 See you there.

I plan to leave my kayak at nine mile, leave the jeep at nobles hammock put in, ride my bike to meet you at nine mile...unless someone has a better suggestion.

See you tomorrow.

Terry, great guiding.  Thanks for a beautiful ride and the cool reflections on the history of Budjou pass and hangman's hammock.  Once a teacher, always...

Mark & Cathy, great canoe sleuthing.

Frank, looking forward to your pix

Leah and Gus, nice paddling.

I'll post a video compilation later today.  

From GPS track, we paddled just under 8 hours for a distance a little over 9 miles (cant tell exactly, GPS dropped offline about 1 mile), some of it in water ; )

(just kidding, the trail was well watered with the occasional poor choice to go over a sawgrass clod instead of around).

Again, great ride and hope we can "bust some moves" in the future below loop road or any other deep glades adventure.


My apologies for missing you guys. I went to leave at 5:45 am and discovered that the Prius would not start. Apparently I left a dome light on int the back cargo area while loading the night before. No problem, I'll just jump start the car and be on my way. Oh wait, the Prius can't be put into neutral to roll it back to line up the battery with another car without power to the main computer. OK, there is an auxiliary battery in the back of the car. Wait, I can't open the trunk without power to the car. OK, there is an emergency trunk release in the back interior of the cargo hatch. Wait, all of my gear needs to come out of the cargo area to access the latch. OK now I need to pop the hatch to the auxiliary battery to jump start the car. Wait, the hatch is blocked by the jack, spare tire and roadside emergency kit. OK, now I can jump the car. Now haul ass to Nine Mile Pond to see if I can still make it. Arrived at Nine Mile Pond at 8:00 am. Look, there is the group just on the other side of the lake by the parking lot. I loaded my canoe in 5 minutes and was on the water to catch the group. Made it to the first marker and the group is no where in site. I proceed in for about 10 minutes but no sign of the group. Just another large group being led by a ranger. There looked like there was a bubble trail heading south immediately after passing the first marker after crossing the lake near the parking lot. I listened for a while but heard nothing except for the other group of people with the ranger. So close!

I ended up putting the canoe back on the car and putting in at Hell's Bay dock. Went out to Lard Can. Started exploring around there and ended up following a long trail of blue ribbons all the way to the main park road till I came out of some tall sawgrass just south of Paurotis Pond. Ended up being a pretty good day despite the rough start. Caught a 33 inch snook, two good sized bass and a couple nice Bluegills.

Sorry I missed you all. I hope to make it out to the next trip. I'll make sure not to leave any lights on in the car next time...

Yeah, that was us.  My first pic is on 9 mile pond, time stamped 802 AM.

Sorry we missed you.  you did better than I fishing.  got 1 hit...course, I was rigged for salt water in the fresh water trail and then switched to fresh just before hitting the brackish west lake.  

Of course, fishing while trying not to get deserted in the everglades kinda puts a rush on it...

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