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Stiltsville village on Biscayne Bay - Kayaking, Photography and Digital Art - Only in Miami!

Hi all !

We've got the Everglades, we've got Big Cypress and then we've also got Biscayne Bay on the very fringes of the K-O-E watershed. Rising up from the flats is a small village built up on stilts - a unique Miami icon situated at the northern boundary of Biscayne National Park.

Only in Miami: Kayaking to Stiltsville on Biscayne Bay

(click pic)

Kayak Miami: Stiltsville Village in Biscayne Bay


A summertime diversion ..

It takes a kayaker to photograph a Stiltsville village!

(click pic)

Kayakfari ART photography by Flex Maslan – Miami’s Stiltsville village on Biscayne Bay


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Flex, the images you took of Stiltsville are about the best I have seen.  You should send these to Biscayne National Park.

That photo essay does a nice job capturing the scene. The photo of the glassy water, early morning grey sky says, "It's early, quite, enjoy it now, and get ready because all heck is going to break loose with screamin fishin boats, party cruisers and wind chop. "

I don't know how you do it - astral projection? your own personal drone? - but your photos are remarkable.


Someday, if we're still around when the sea level rises high, we may be living like this in Kendall :) Hopefully, the boat traffic will not be as horrific as the car traffic was.

I agree with Vivian

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