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Here's a clean track of the Taylor Slough and Nine Mile Pond.

Now we know where to go! (only one deviation where I went through the wall instead of going around with the rest of you...

Thanks to Terry & the whole crew. Great time, long to be remembered!

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I've been using them for years. When I first got them I was scared that they were real delicate. I even made myself a pushpole so I wouldn't have to use the paddles.

Years later I abandoned the pushpole, I use the paddles for everything and the only ding I got was in the spoonbill pass trip I hurt one a bit, but that was because I used it like a machete on a mangrove root out of frustration trying to get out of a jam.

And even that wasn't fatal, just a visible nick.

Now that you said what you said and I said what I said, I'm probably jinxed...hopefully I won't crack a paddle this weekend leisurely paddling down fisheating creek! 

I had 2 ZRE carbon paddles on the trip and used one and loaned another one to Rob who will probably end up buying one for himself.  I also had an aluminum Cannon canoe paddle to help with poling in some areas.  In all the years I have had the carbon paddles I have never broken one. I push off oyster reefs, assorted bottom stuff and not even a nick.  They are Everglades approved.

Ok, make it so, because Jim is about to catch up to you!

yakmaster said:

You got me with the wrong hat!

I'm much faster with the other one!

BTW, looking at that picture for a while REALLY messes with your head!

Hey Charlie, stay out of the passing lane, will ya!

T''was Halloween on the slough!

Click any pic for story!

Just when you thought it was safe for Thanksgiving ..

it’s time for

Halloween on the Taylor Slough!

Finish before dark on Halloween ? A ha ha ha ha .. ha!


Enjoy and thanks again for putting this on Terry!

My arms upper body was burning pretty good that day. The store clerk in Florida City looked at me real strange in my muddy clothes when I asked for eight Advil. I heard Terry talking about a midnight full moon trip through Nine Mile pond Would be good trip. ...or some modification of that idea... I am developing early Go Pro editing skills and will post the movie in few weeks. I really enjoyed the trip.

What a beastly crew, nice work y'all....awesome way to spend Halloween!  What was the original purpose of the "wall"?  

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