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There is a new book out called "The Ultimate Hang" that is an illustrated guide about hammock camping (see link below).  For a 13% discount off the book's price use discount code 4KULKL98.


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Do you have this book? I'm just wondering what information does it have in it other then specifics involving setting up and storing a hammock(which can both be found in the instruction manual of any decent brand hammock). I have a Clark Tropical Jungle Hammock and I love it, but i don't don't see a difference from Hammock camping to Tent camping OTHER then where you can set up your camp, since you don't need flat OR dry ground for a hammock.

I have the book on order.  Below are some links to various reveiws.  I''ve been following Shug Emery YouTube site and he tells it like it is.  Same with Tinny at Mini Bull Designs.





Below is a forum like I follow from time to time. 



I have never been up to Canepatch.  Can anyone tell me if there are suitable trees to hand a hammock?


There are but last time I was there the area with the trees was occupied by a big party of fishermen. I would bring a small tent just in case.  That's a real popular campsite for powerboaters so prepare to share space.

Thanks much!

While visiting Canepatch make sure you include the North Creek out of Canepatch

to make a loop trip.  Unlike Avocado Creek, North Creek is rarely used by powerboaters,

deep and narrow, perfect for paddlers.  Couple it with North Harney River and you can

make a complete loop in and out of Canepatch from the Wilderness Waterway with

no duplicate passage.  

That is the plan Terry.  I appreciate the input.

Thanks Terry.. Canepatch is on my trip itinerary for this winter.

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