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Take advantage of this late season rain.
This is a rare opportunity to go up-land paddling in December and maybe later.

Water station G-3576 is reporting +7.4 (NGVD29) this a little higher than it was in October 2013 when I last paddled the New Bridge Loop.
New Bridge Loop starts at the Coopertown ramp goes east in the Tamiami Canal to the new bridge,
under the bridge, through the grass to the airboat trail and then
back to Coopertown. It's a short (6 mile) introduction to grass and airboat trail paddling.
I have done it staying completely dry in the boat when the water level at G-3576 was +7.2.

Water station P-38 is reporting +0.54 (NAVD88) this is holding the same height since
early October. As everyone knows this station monitors the water level for the only
paddling from pine trees to mangroves, the best up-land paddling
in the park - Mahogany Hammock!  Day picnics to Roberts River Chickee or even
Lane River Chickee, single day through trips to Lucerne Country and Whiskey Creek and with the water level holding, a very unique, off the brochure way to start
the Wilderness Waterway.  I paddled Mahogany Hammock two times this season
since mid-October and have paddled both times without much pushing.

Water stations R127 monitoring Taylor Slough and NP202 monitoring Shark Slough
are both holding the same level as October.  A slough trip in December?!
Yes indeed very doable.

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It really was. James paddled 60 miles from Flamingo and all the way up the slough!

Happie New Year !!

Contrast between the high water levels we've had vs opposite extreme dry conditions from the same spot:



Click on each image for a large interactive version, enjoy!


Couple of 360 aerial panoramas paddling the flooded Shark Valley:


This one you can just make out the tower on the horizon if you zoom in:



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