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Ran the Wood River yesterday from Camp Lonesome to the Broad.  Tide was on the ebb.  Transit time was 5.5 hours.  Water flow stopped about 2 miles from the exit.  The last couple of hours were challenging.  I actually think that the low water helped in that the overhead challenges seemed to be worse than the underwater challenges. I think there might have been a couple of show-stoppers at high water.  As it was we made it through without having to get out of the boats.  I was in a 15' canoe and my wife in a 16.5' kayak. 

Ann at the completion of the battle....the picture does not do it justice.  Her cockpit was completely full of leaves, twigs, muck.  Love it!

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Nice! I was just out there with Leah last week. Thought about the Wood, but stuck to the Broad to save time. As it was we had the tide taking us in all afternoon. Paddled 18 miles from Graveyard Creek (don't camp there!) to Lonesome. Departed 10:30am, arrived 3:15pm to be greeted by 3 powerboats and camp full-o-giant tents. Lol!

I saw a couple of your Lost Portage pics.  We were toying with doing a Highland - Lonesome (via the Wood), Canepatch (via the Lost Portage) - down the Harney to Harney River Chick - Highland (via the Nightmare) loop.  For a combination of reasons (the front and winds last Friday and the water levels due to tide as well as well as low fresh water indicated by EDEN) we decided to pass.  Sort of glad we did.  LOL.

Nice sighting outside our tent on Highland.  Pair of bucks!

Love the Wood!  Hate Graveyard Creek too. That is the COTU for breeding biting bugs.


Just three words....That is COOL.

Charlie, I was telling Jay that we had two big hogs come into our camp at Darwins while we were sleeping. They made a big ruckus in the forest then broke out and stopped not too far from the tent. I put my light on one and could not believe it! They of course went on to foraging and left. Very cool we saw so many large animals this season. I guess the pythons have not eaten everything...

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