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I am planning on going out next year for the Python Challenge. I am looking for any info on Holey Land wma and Rotenberger wma. Has anybody been hunting in either? Would you say it is the same as Big Cypress? I am planning to go check them out in a few weeks. If anyone is interested in joining me on the hunt it is March.Thanks

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I know that there is not much info posted about those WMA's other than what is on the FWC pamphlet for each of them. I know much of that area is flooded most of the time.

Yeah I can't seem to find much of anything about them. I will be down that way next weekend and plan on driving out and doing some scouting.

Dennis, did you have any luck scouting those areas? It's still pretty dry for this time of year.

Yeah I went out to Holey Land and walked around a little. Spent a few hours. I think I am going to check out a few more places. I did see 1 deer. Found a spot where some one had made for hunting. They had ran a big area down with a tracked vehicle.I think I would need some type of offroad vehicle to get around.It was really dry. I saw smoke from a small fire probably less than 100 acres burning.

Got a call today from a buddy asking for a snake ID. He was just north of Angelfish Creek (Out just east of biscayne bay, just north of Key Largo and just south of the park) when he came across what sounded like a python. He said it was 6'-8' long and saddle brown color.

Sounds like the target species to me...

If they're there, we finally found a solution for the pesky racoons on elliot!

He says it was swimming across the creek & when he pulled up in his 27' open fish, the damn thing stood it's ground (or water) and tried to face him off...

You can see it, between the two pilings in the middle of the shot.

From the picture it looks like it wasn't Angelfish Creek, but Pumpkin Creek, just to the south.

You Herp folks on the net, is that the target species or some other snake like creature?

Yakmaster, could you load the picture again? It seems to be a broken link.

Good now?

yep, thanks

Hard too tell in that picture. Brown with a giraffe like pattern is what Burmese pythons look like..

Has anyone been out in the Loop Road part of Big Cypress? How high is the water north of Loop Road? I have decided to try my luck in the area of the old southern terminus of the trail. Any info on trail conditions would be great.

the water is still high about 3 weeks ago. 

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