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Any way that a gadget can  be hung off of the site that would give a quick snapshot of the strenght of mosquitoes in the park.

At congaree swamp np, they have a board with a dial that goes from zero to awesone or something like that. With all of the internet gadgets about, is it possible to generate the same sort of product via this site.

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The gate at Flamingo has a guage but it's done by hand.

You could call the closest visitor center & ask.....way last millenium, but it works.

It also varies greatly by location & time of day/conditions
If it is summer there are mosquitoes. Also it rain more than normal this winter we are in for a strong insect summer.
I was there this week trust me they are out for blood.............
how 'bout a mosquito-cam ??
I went out to Flamingo on friday and almost got picked up and taken away by mosquitos. I have never been attacked like that in my life! Long sleeves and pants, and a whole can of bug spray and they still bit me hundreds of times through my shirt. A quick launch shouldn't be too bad but don't hike any trails or hang around!
The first time I camped in the Everglades was in the early summer. Won't ever do that again.
My brother and I knew we were in trouble when the ranger, INSIDE the little campground registration booth was geared up like we'd never seen before.
We toughed it out for several days, but it was early summer and we had about a gallon of 100% deet. Gotta love that greasy feeling.

Pegging out the mosquito meter needle at Congaree Swamp NP is like a VERY mild day at the Everglades NP.
That is why I asked about a standardized meter.
I take my boyfriend along. When his red shirt turns black I know it's time to run. Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices. I pick him : )

Embrace the buzz. Deet? Ha! It's like happy hour with free well drinks for the little angels. Burning black mangrove at camp helps, if you don't mind the smoke and smell. A good bug suit and the lemon eucalyptus stuff works great! My Exofficio Bug Shield stuff has worked very well so far too. They'll treat your regular clothes for under $10 a garment. Permanone spray works pretty well too. Just make sure it dries onto your clothes thoroughly before getting wet.

A gauge, you mean to measure whether they left anything behind, yeah?

Seriously though, you can be there one day and get swarmed; the next day they are calm. We've been out after cold fronts with wind and had to run away from them. Some rare days, you can get by without the swarm attacking.

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