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I had been wondering if it was possible to go from Pahayokee Overlook to the airboat trail in Shark River Slough. The hope was to be able to do a one day slough trip exiting at Payhaokee; thus avoiding an overnight at Cane Patch this time of year and a 30 mile paddle home.The water is up, partially on the road to Pahayokee.
I set out yesterday on a general course of 300 hoping to intersect the airboat trail just above the beginning of Rookery branch. Straight line it is only about 5 miles or so. Plenty of water, 16" at the boardwalk. The paddling started out a little slow with some relief in the clearer areas. It started to deteriorate with more areas of thicker sawgrass. By standing up I could navigate though them; the goal being worth the effort. Well, about halfway, I got totally locked up in tall grass, climbed a tree looking for a clear way, none seen. In this same area I had come accross a tall PVC pipe in a small clearing and thought I might be onto something. Tried every direction and never got more than 100'.
Now, I have located this spot on GE as 25-27'02" / 80-48'51". The tree I climbed is in the little Cypress dome to the left. I looked in the general direction I wished to travel. Blocked from my view is an apparent AIRBOAT TRAIL about 600 ft to the left as seen now on GE. This trail seems to meander in the general directon I wanted to go with a few spots missing and then peters out entirely.
Questions for the audience;
Any info on this trail?
Is this a hopeless mission? ie is the sawgrass just to thick as you approach the slough, making it impassable without a defined trail.
Via GE, it looks a little clearer north of my path, a lot more open spots, twice the distance, but perhaps a viable exit from the slough.

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It doesn't look like there will be much grass paddling this season,

the water is very low for this time of year in the southern end of the park.

Pahayokee Station, NP62, is showing +1.66 for 20Oct14.   It was +1.87

when we pushed Pahayokee last season on 23Nov13 and it was

over +2.4 for 8-11Oct13.   Mahogany Hammock paddling may be over

before the season gets going, Ficus Pond Station, P38, is showing

+.48 on 20Oct14 already below the +.5 threshold.   Taylor Slough,

Craigheads Pond and Nine Mile Pond are all down for this time of year.

Unless we get tropical storm type rains it's looking like we'll be doing

a lot of frontcountry saltwater paddling this season.

shawn beightol said:

I'm in.

C'est la vie .. the backcountry saltwater paddling is flooded out. Narrowly escaped floating in tent on Lil Rabbit Key a few days ago, other places looked even more wet!

Otoh, very few bugs!

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