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Tarpon Lake Day Hike Saturday June 1 hosted via Happy Hoofers-FTA

Where to meet:
We will meet at the Publix Super Market at Glade Crossing 2465 Glades Circle Weston, FL 33327 at exit 22 off of I-75 at 6:30 AM Saturday June 1St where we will carpool to the hike area. Please be forewarned that this will be a wet hike. Yes your feet will get wet. If you have an aversion to water this may not be the hike for you. You will also see an Eagle’s nest, bear tracks, and one of the nicest deep water lakes in the Big Cypress. Please see Esther's great pictures below for a sample of what to expect.

http://mapq.st/18f4SXG Map to Publix
Alligator Alley recreation area, 2.3 miles west of the Miccosukkee Service Plaza at Snake Road/Government Road/W State Road 84
  • Celebrate "National Trails Day" with this amazing 5 mile hike, that will take you through some beautiful areas of northern Big Cypress and end at beautiful, remote & lovely Tarpon Lake, which is rarely visited and unknown to most.

    Please note the 7:30am start time and plan to arrive by 7:15am! We'll have ankle deep water in some sections of this hike.

    This new(ish) recreation area is around mile marker 52 and about mid way across Alligator Alley. We normally meet at mile marker 63 rest area, so this is 11... miles closer to you :)

    Please come out for this exciting hike to show your support for TRAILS DAY and explore a seldom visited area within Big Cypress National Preserve.

    David Denham is leading this hike, along with several other awesome ACTIVITY LEADERS from the FTA. I plan to join as well, but will be breaking off a little early.

    Bring: 64 oz water, small backpack/day pack, snacks (maybe lunch), a hat, etc.

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Thanks Dale, I maybe should create an account for such purposes.

That old shed is cool 101.

Yes I was kind of surprised by what some were wearing but not one was miserable or complaining at the end of the hike. They were a pretty tough group. As far as the rubber clogs or sandals we had a guy do our 35 hike up Fish Eating Creek hike in them and he had no problems. But for me that would never work. 

 Thats most important!  I dont like hiking with a complainer. As my old friends started complaining, I finally smartened up and found new friends to hike with.


Larry Alesi said:

 but not one was miserable or complaining

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