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I have a mind to try and reach Robert's Lakes Strand from the Gator Hook Trail on the Monroe Station leg of the Loop. I know the Fl. Scenic Trail runs through the Strand on the eastern end but I have yet to hear of anybody coming in from the west. The first couple of miles of the old Gator Hook logging tram that runs southeast off the Loop has been cleared, but it's all wild after that. The line of the tram is still evident after the cleared path runs out, and I was able to follow it for about another half-mile but it gets pretty boggy in places. Anybody else have any info on this route?

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I just looked on Google Earth and wasn't able to detect any path even if I went back to older photos.  It looks like the original buggy trail followed the old Florida Trail from Loop Rd to Frog Hammock Camp where it then veered east.  I don't think it'd be do-able in a day since bushwhacking slows you down.  Just doing Gator Hook to Oasis or even Loop Rd to Oasis takes the better part of a day.  

Someone got lost on the Gator Hook Trail again.  It appears they were rescued just past the center of the "W".  http://www.mysuncoast.com/news/state/man-goes-missing-in-fl-preserv...    Its very thick in that area and can be confusing. The trail, which follows the old logging tram, will need continuous maintenance to keep from disappearing anywhere past the center.

I was out there Sunday and the trail was hard to follow in some places.  The bench camp looks good and the area is all cleaned up.  

A cypress knee bench 

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